BusinessMinds aims to create maximum sustainable impact in our work. We believe the best way to do this is to directly drive impact through the development and implementation of innovative sustainable businesses.

We have extensive experience of starting and growing new businesses in Africa. We executed the full business development, financing and start-up of a major new agro-processing business in Ethiopia which was the first FairTrade tropical juice production and processing company in sub-Saharan Africa. africaJUICE is still one of our investment companies and we continue to be actively involved in strategic management and governance. We managed the successful recovery and turn-around of this business following the dramatics attacks on two of our farms in 2016. We also developed from scratch our africaFISH and Power Ventures Africa ventures.

In addition, we have supported many other early stage ventures across the agricultural value chain. To maximise the value of our extensive experience, we have recently started developing the Bloom Accelerator Fund which provides a structured mechanism to support innovative entrepreneurs in east Africa with both capital and expertise so that more businesses can create widespread sustainable impact.